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Hope in the Apocalypse: Alex DiFrancesco

Hope in the Apocalypse: Alex DiFrancesco

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This episode features author Alex DiFrancesco. We talk about how climate change and gentrification influenced their writing, the importance of found family in the apocalypse, and the problems with blanket boycotts.

Stuff we talk about this episode:

  • All City by Alex DiFrancesco
  • Orange is the New Black (Netflix series)
  • Books by  Samuel R. Delaney
  • An Unkindess of Ghosts by Rivers Solomon
  • Chapbook project by Radix Media
  • The RAICES fundraiser that Alex mentions is on Oct. 5 at Cloud City in Williamsburg, Brooklyn. Featured guests so far are Nicole Solomon (filmmaker, It’s Normal), Jeanne Thornton (writer, The Dream of Dr. Bantam), Kevin Latimer (a speculative poet from Cleveland), and Alex DiFrancesco.

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